Cognitive Domain



Speed of processing

Brief Assessment of Cognition in Schizophrenia (BACS): Symbol Coding

Timed paper-and-pencil test in which respondent uses a key to write digits that correspond to nonsense symbols

Category Fluency: Animal Naming

Oral test in which respondent names as many animals as she/he can in 1 minute

Trail Making Test: Part A

Timed paper-and-pencil test in which respondent draws a line to connect consecutively numbered circles placed irregularly on a sheet of paper


Continuous Performance Test—Identical Pairs (CPT-IP)*

Computer-administered measure of sustained attention in which respondent presses a response button to consecutive matching numbers

Working memory

Wechsler Memory Scale®—3rd Ed. (WMS®-III): Spatial Span

Using a board on which 10 cubes are irregularly spaced, respondent taps cubes in same (or reverse) sequence as test administrator


LetterNumber Span

Orally administered test in which respondent mentally reorders strings of number and letters and repeats them to administrator

Verbal learning

Hopkin’s Verbal Learning TestRevised (HVLT-R™)

Orally administered test in which a list of 12 words from three taxonomic categories is presented and the respondent is asked to recall as many as possible after each of three learning trials

Visual learning

Brief Visuospatial Memory TestRevised (BVMT-R™)

A test that involves reproducing six geometric figures from memory

Reasoning and problem-solving

Neuropsychological Assessment Battery® (NAB®): Mazes

Seven timed paper-and-pencil mazes of increasing difficulty that measure foresight and planning

Social cognition

Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test(MSCEIT™): Managing Emotions

Paper-and-pencil multiple-choice test that assesses how people manage their emotions

*WARNING: Do not change the CPT-IP parameter settings. Doing so will invalidate the normative scores and potentially disable the program.