Alternate Forms

Of the ten MCCB™ tests, three have alternate forms: BVMT-R™, HVLT-R™, and NAB® Mazes. The BVMT-R™ and HVLT-R™ have six forms, and NAB® Mazes has two forms. The MCCB™ test kit includes all six forms of the BVMT-R™, HVLT-R™ Form 1, and NAB® Mazes Form 1 with accompanying administrator forms and respondent booklets for 25 administrations. For clinical trials in which the MCCB™ will be administered multiple times to each participant, the use of alternate forms for these three tests is an option that may minimize practice effects. Alternate forms for the HVLT-R™ and NAB® Mazes can be ordered as part of the MCCB™ Retest Packets.

Recommended Alternate Forms
Number of Forms Used in Study Recommended Forms
2 Forms 1 + 4 Forms 1 + 5
3-5 Forms 1, 4, 3, 5, 6 Forms 1, 5, 3, 4, 6

The table above shows the alternate forms recommended for studies that plan to use two or more alternate forms. Form 4 of the HVLT-R™ and Form 5 of the BVMT-R™ were the alternate forms used in the MATRICS™ Psychometric and Standardization Study with schizophrenia participants. The recommendations for studies using three to five alternate forms are based on discussions with the test developers about the comparability of test forms and their use in clinical trials with persons with schizophrenia. Form 2 for both measures was slightly less suitable for clinical trials, and is not recommended for use as part of the MCCB™.