Technical Assistance

For technical questions and technical support of the individually copyrighted tests that are part of the MCCB™, the original test publisher (copyright holder) should be contacted. Inquiries about the administration and scoring of the Trail Making Test: Part A and Category Fluency: Animal Naming, two tests in the public domain, can be directed to MATRICS™ Assessment, Inc. Questions about the routine installation and use of the four computer programs, the CPT-IP MATRICS™ International Version 2, North American MSCEIT Branch 4 scoring program, International MSCEIT Branch 4 scoring program,  and the MCCB™ scoring program can be directed to MATRICS™ Assessment, Inc. Consult the table below for the relevant contact information for each MCCB™ test:

Test or Program

Company/Person To Contact


E-Mail Address

Telephone Number

Category Fluency: Animal Naming

MATRICS™ Assessment Inc.

Assessment Inc.


Trail Making Test (TMT): Part A

Brief Assessment of Cognition in Schizophrenia (BACS): Symbol-Coding

Richard Keefe, Ph.D.


Continuous Performance Test-Identical Pairs (CPT-IP) program

Installation and use: MATRICS™Assessment Inc.






Letter-Number Span (LNS)

MATRICS™Assessment Inc.


Wechsler Memory Scale -Third Edition (WMS-III): Spatial Span

Pearson (formerly Harcourt) Assessments, Inc.


Tech Support Contact Form

(800) 328-5999

Hopkins Verbal Learning Test – Revised (HVLT-R™)

Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.


(800) 899-8378

Brief Visuospatial Memory Test – Revised (BVMT-R™)

Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.


(800) 899-8378

Neuropsychological Assessment Battery® (NAB®): Mazes

Psychological Assessment Resources, Inc.


(800) 899-8378

Mayer-Salovey-Caruso Emotional Intelligence Test (MSCEIT™): Managing Emotions Test A

Multi-Health Systems Inc.

(800) 496-8324

or (416) 492-2627

MCCB™computer scoring program, North American MSCEIT™ scoring program, and International MSCEIT™ scoring program

MATRICS™Assessment Inc.